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The Ringio CRM API enables developers to easily connect a CRM system to the Ringio phone solution. Make sales and support people dramatically more productive and increase speed to satisfaction by increasing the visibility of phone activities. Get more value out of your CRM.

Making Money
with Ringio

If you are a developer with experience in the API of a CRM system, monetize your knowledge by publishing a plugin in the Ringio CRM marketplace. Derive license or consulting revenue. Earn payouts from referrals to your CRM customers.

From the Blog

9 Aug

Ringio 1.15 API Update

API Versioning We recently rolled out a new URL scheme for accessing the Ringio API that will provide extensibility for the future. We will continue to respond at the old URL endpoints for at least three months, but will eventually terminate the old URL scheme. All clients are encouraged to migrate to the new URL [...]

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