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Announcing Webhooks

February 18th, 2015

The latest release of the Ringio API adds Webhook support. This is a handy way to make your Ringio integration a lot more dynamic, allowing your code to execute whenever someone makes or receives a phone call, and a lot more. Please check out the Ringio Webhook documentation.

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Ringio 1.15 API Update

August 9th, 2012

API Versioning

We recently rolled out a new URL scheme for accessing the Ringio API that will provide extensibility for the future. We will continue to respond at the old URL endpoints for at least three months, but will eventually terminate the old URL scheme. All clients are encouraged to migrate to the new URL scheme ASAP.

Going forward, the base URL for all Ringio API services will be:


As an example, if you were previously using this URL to retrieve a contact:

HTTP GET http://api.ringio.com/contacts/1

You would now switch to use this URL instead:

HTTP GET http://api.ringio.com/api/1/contacts/1

The number following /api/ in the new URL scheme is the API version number. As we add functionality to the API, we’re going to roll out new version numbers of the API. If we ever need to stop supporting old versions of the API, we’ll provide a deprecation period to update the version, then start returning HTTP 404 for all URLs matching that version. New versions of the API and deprecation notices will be advertised on this blog.

Account Status Codes

We also added new HTTP error codes for accounts that are not active, so plugin developers can differentiate from errors and take appropriate action based on the account status.

For accounts that have been blacklisted or deleted, we will be returning HTTP 410 (Gone). This indicates that these accounts have been terminated and are unlikely to return to service.

For accounts that are having payment issues or where service was voluntarily canceled by the customer, we will return HTTP 402 (Payment Required). This indicates that it’s possible for these accounts to return to service in the future, but they’re not currently accessible.

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API Update

March 8th, 2012

We recently released an update to the API that includes the following changes:

  • Added 2 filter conditions to the Contacts feed

  • HTTP GET http://api.ringio.com/feeds/users/{userId}/contacts?hidden={hidden}
    HTTP GET http://api.ringio.com/feeds/users/{userId}/contacts?all={all}

  • You can now access the About field of a Contact through the API
  • We switched to ISO8601 date formats
  • Fixed a bug that prevented system groups from being returned when calling /groups
  • Added the called_number parameter to the /Rings resource

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Quickstart with the API

February 1st, 2011

Wanna get started with the Ringio API quick? Here is a 5 minute exercise that will show you how to get data out:

1. Get a Ringio account if you don’t have one

Sign up here, don’t worry, we won’t charge your credit card. (Slip me a note and I’ll make your account free)

2. Enable API access

Under Ringio Plugin Marketplace – API Access.

Make a note of your Account ID (if you don’t see it, contact us at support@ringio.com)

3. Make the API request to get all contacts of your account

Assuming your token is abcdef01234567890 and your account id is 123, run curl like this:

curl -u abcdef01234567890:X http://api.ringio.com/feeds/accounts/123/contacts

You should be getting a JSON Message with the IDs of the contacts in your account, such as:

You can now make other API calls with those IDs and see those contacts.

For more information check out the introduction or watch a video tutorial.

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